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Scrip Manager is an online certificate ordering software allowing you to order your certificates from the convenience of your home or office. You must login to place your order.

Buy shopping certificates&reduce your tuition is the easiest way to describe our scrip program. It is very simple. Done on a weekly basis, you can earn substantial money off your family's tuition. We have had families in the past earn several months towards their tuition. Here are the details:

Every time you purchase certificates you will receive a credit on your tuition account ranging from 2%-29% on all stores. These credits will be periodically applied to your tuition account. An example would be if you purchased $200 worth of Store ABC certificates with a tuition credit of 5%, you would earn $10.00 towards your tuition. If you did that each week, the dollars earned can quickly add up. (This example might not reflect current tuition credit percentages. For current percentages, please view the certificate list.)

You are given an opportunity on a weekly basis to purchase shopping certificates using the Scrip Manager website and send the money in on the payment date. You decide what stores in what quantity you wish to buy. The denominations available vary by store, but are identified on our list of stores.

Thank you in advance for your participation.